Oct 14, 2020

I loved the debate.

Did you watch the debate? C’mon, you know you did.

I don’t know what was funnier, watching the debate itself or watching the histrionics among the Left afterwards because that was pretty funny too!

Wow, that big takeaway... the President acted unpresidential?

Somehow, when the person on the other side of the stage calls the President a clown among other things I really don’t mind it all that much when the President gives it back.

Which brings me to something else... as much as people talked about what the President has said or says what continues to amaze me is that the same people who are so upset by it don’t seem to have any problem at all with the litany of names, slurs and invectives they send the President’s way and I guess in the world of the delusional snowflake that’s okay because in their minds they’re the ‘Good Guys’ and they’re right?

Wait a minute while I get out the big guffaw over that one.

It amazes me that the one essential quality that escapes the people on the Left, the thing they see as detrimental to the President is the one thing that endears him to supporters and it’s the fact that he’s a fighter. Among the neutered, passive aggressive snowflake crowd, that kind of directness doesn’t play at all well.

I also liked doddering old Joe stand there and do everything in his power to avoid actually committing to anything other than mouthing platitudes. Make a list of the judges you would actually nominate to the courts? Can’t do that because either way you’re going to lose support on the Left or on the Right (or is that the middle). Commit one way or the other to whether or not you’re going to try and pull the same bullshit FDR tried with increasing the umber of judges on the Supreme Court? Can’t do that one either.

The truth is Joe Biden has been in Washington for over 40 years and the only thing he’s managed to do is to learn how to mouth platitudes that people who are entirely desperate and who have never accepted that Hillary Clinton lost are only to happy to gobble up like the steaming plate of excrement that it is.

Also, you know what’s particularly amusing? I went back and watched the debate and you know how interrupting was supposed to be such a big deal? Well, funnier still is that if you do go back and watch you’ll notice that Joe was the first to interrupt - not that anyone appears to have noticed.

It’s like the VP debate... when the numbers were broken down it turned out Harris spoke for 38 minutes to Pence’s 34 minutes. The difference was that for all that extra time Harris said much, much less.

Maybe you haven’t noticed but the Biden Harris ticket has been really good about not talking about themselves or what they’ll do. The only thing they do put out there is clichés that the people in the media are all too happy to broadcast even further as if they really mean anything.

Build back better? Sure Joe... 40 years in Washington and if there is a reason things aren’t built correctly you should look in the mirror. Same goes for Harris. Apparently, Joe is a ‘uniter’ with a better temperament than the current President except when someone actually presses him for a real answer and then you see his real personality come out. ‘Are you on drugs?!?!’ ‘You ain’t black!’ and a host of other outbursts but, that’s not important, right? Let’s just not pay attention to it now shall we?

People are in a deep state of denial about Biden. We keep hearing about the President being divisive but the funny thing is I haven’t seen anything out of Democrats since the election in 2016 that says anything but divisive.

I’m just happy it will be over soon enough. On the one hand, yes, I’m worried. I honestly believe the Biden Harris ticket will not be good for our country but excuse me if I don’t get hysterical like all the Democrats I know get whenever they lose an election.

The sun will still rise, the country will still be here and life will go on.

Oct 13, 2020

I’m lucky.

So, a few weeks back I entered the glorious realm of the senior in the sense that I clocked into an entirely new decade and the thing they never really talk to you about is that you honestly don’t feel different in your head but your body is way, way different than it was.

I mean, you don’t want to ever admit it but things are changing there’s no denying it.

Like I said, I’m lucky in so, so many ways. Some people haven’t made it this far. It’s sad but their races were cut short. Others who do make it to this point are pretty badly banged up and it’s not a pretty thing. While I can’t say I’m the peak physical specimen, I am not so far along the path of deterioration that I can’t enjoy life.

Weird things do happen though... I take all kinds of pills which mean whenever I’ve gone to any kind of interview over the last decade and been asked to submit to a drug test I make it clear that the drugs I’m on aren’t the fun ones.

Stuff happens now and when it does there is this moment when you ask yourself, ‘Is this serious or will it just go away?’ I think many of us are hoping it just goes away all on it’s own and that’s because even if you have the best doctor you often can come away even more fucked up than you went in not because doctors aren’t good and earnest in their jobs but for the simple fact that the human body is such a complex machine and there is so much we still don’t know about it.

Face facts, most of medicine today is about cutting things off and throwing them away.

You’ve got cancer? Let’s cut it out and throw it away. You’ve got some other problem, let’s cut out the offending organ and toss it out. Think about it, if every time your car had a problem and the way you fixed it was to take the part and just throw it away your car would eventually stop running.

We don’t have the wherewithal to actually ‘fix’ things.

My legs started cramping and I didn’t know what the hell was happening. I mean waking up in the middle of the night and having this cramp that felt like my legs were going to tear themselves apart.


That’s what the doctor said.

But then there are a lot of things and each time I go for some blood test this or that level is off (and it’s more than likely a result of the medications I take).

Like most of us in this country... I’m FAT!

Let’s stop dancing around the fact people... let’s stop with this bullshit enabling. Why am I fat? I’m fat because I don’t exercise enough, I’m fat because I eat more and have a higher intake of calories than I need. I love watching people make excuses about things but it’s funny, all the verbal abuse I dealt with throughout my life meant that I take a harsh view of my own shortcomings and I can admit whn I’m coming up short.

Yet, even with the legs and the age I walked FOUR MILES this weekend and it was absolutely glorious. I mean I was tired after the whole but I did it and I should do it even more and when I think about it? That’s why I consider myself very, very lucky indeed!

Oct 2, 2020

Peter David’s deathwish.

I always like to take a peek into the histrionics of Peter David, truly a detestable mealy little fuck who complains about Trump’s qualities and then goes hat in hand begging for the charity of others when he doesn’t pay his taxes. The same clown who walks around looking for pity and more money from people when his health failed.

Now the clown actually wishes death on a President. What a great American. Never mind it’s hit other leaders: https://www.npr.org/sections/latest-updates-trump-covid-19-results/2020/10/02/919424971/trump-joins-list-of-world-leaders-whove-tested-positive-for-the-coronavirus

I have to wonder what this idiot’s reaction would be if it was senile old Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Maybe Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or a host of other Democratic clowns. Probably it would be different because in the pinhead’s mind he believes that these folk and David himself are ‘the good guys’ when their behavior shows us that they really aren’t.

Of course the fact that David and these other idiot’s keep spreading lies doesn’t matter to them because EVERYONE ELSE THEY DON’T AGREE WITH ARE LIARS! Right?

Excuse me while I laugh heartily.

Trump did not call Covid-19 a “hoax” - and other false claims

Of course why should I really be all that surprised because the truth of it is they’ve been lying about the President all along and it’s only that the people in the media abet them.

You know the White Supremacist thing? The very fine people thing? Another lie:

In Context: Donald Trump’s ‘very fine people on both sides’ remarks (transcript) 

It sure hasn’t stopped them from lying about that for the last three years.

Just like the disinfectant thing:

“A question that probably some of you are thinking of if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. So, supposedly we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. (To Bryan) And I think you said you’re going to test that, too. Sounds interesting, right?”

“And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. AND IS THERE A WAY WE CAN DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT, BY INJECTIOIN INSIDE OR ALMOST A CLEANING, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

Again, not about injecting bleach but about finding some way to remove a virus from the system. It’s just a question about what avenues the medical team at the time was looking at to find ways to combat Covid but that didn’t stop the spin machine.

Me, I’m tired of it and as I have said before people have managed to do one thing with this... they’ve taken someone like me who would not vote along strict party lines and insured that I will be voting STRAIGHT PARTY LINE in the future so I have to say insipid clowns like Peter David have done a great job in driving people away from the Democratic Party. Good job bozo.

Sep 30, 2020

We’ll still fuck with you, even remotely.

The thing about work which becomes apparent over time is people, especially people in management who don’t have anything really to do, just feel compelled to fuck with others.

I get it, we have a corporate culture today where most of the folks in middle management are the embodiment of the Peter Principle and feel pushed to justify their existence in an organization especially by throwing others under the bus and avoiding responsibility wherever possible.

Case in point, my direct supervisor who is a decent enough guy is really a horrible manager who got promoted God only knows how into his current position. Maybe, it’s a height thing because he’s a bear of a man but aside from that he’s a bit slow on the uptake.

As an illustration of that, I spoke earlier about his tendency to parrot people to make himself look better. I talked about that in the past and last year I had to deal with it and was able to quickly put an end to it in my own obnoxious way which you can read about here.

So, what can be funny is the butchering of the English language which sometimes occurs with him... at one point during one of our phone in meetings I mentioned something about an element that was specific to this brand. This became "Pacific" and every time he means to say the word specific, he says Pacific. No joke, I mean I’ve spoken to other people about it because at first I thought it was me but it isn’t and that’s not the only butchering he does.

But, there is drama going on right now...

We’ve really gotten hit with a lot of work all at once which is something of a good thing.


That’s not entirely true.

See, I’ve been party to some corporate meetings I wasn’t necessarily invited to and what has become apparent (as if this was news) is that the new corporate overlords are looking for any way they can to squeeze blood from a penny. It’s not a question of not making money, oh no! It’s a question of not making ENOUGH money for them to be happy.

As part of that, their biggest expense in North America is of course salaries and benefits. I mean, gosh! Can’t we find some peons in a third world country who will work for pennies on the dollar and that we can exploit and make more money?

Yeah, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside too.

The other thing is, speed... we all have to work faster! Now, not only should we work faster, it should still be perfect!

My response to this is a loud, FUCK YOU!

I take pride in my work, I want to do a good job and I want to learn and grow, at the same time I recognize there are things I can’t control that affect how work gets done. Specifically, how we receive work from clients and how the information is passed along to people in my role.

The new way the company wants to implement takes NONE of that into account so, in essence, what I’m being told tacitly is we don’t care how good your work is. To us, you’re just another cog in the machine. Sure, we’re going to micromanage you, we’re going to measure every aspect of your performance but no other department or person involved in the process is going to undergo the same level of scrutiny we’re going to put you and yours under.

Sorry, excuse me if I don’t belly up to the table to gobble down this nice steaming helping of shit you want me to eat.

Management in this company is pretty fucked up overall, that’s why I used the Peter Principle as an example because it often seems as if people get promoted to their level of incompetence.

My boss is not really good at his job because he doesn’t have the intelligence to understand the job thoroughly enough. Now that’s a real asinine and pompous thing for me to say but unfortunately it’s true.

Two weeks ago, he came down with an edict to ‘the team’ about a change in our workflow or rather the order in which we do things. I understood what motivated the change and what the account director wanted but we were going about it all wrong.

Now it didn’t matter to my boss or the account director who had come up with this brilliant idea all on their own! Never mind neurons are in short supply among the two of them and there is barely enough between them combined to power a single brain at a minimal level.

So, in the course of the meeting where this was bought up, I asked several pointed questions because I had several jobs I was currently working on it would affect and I knew it would create problems - problems because first off the jobs were not written up correctly, something I did catch and went back and forth until it was confirmed I was right. It meant major changes would have to be made and these changes were usually implemented in a different part of the process in our workflow but we were changing it up and putting something usually at the back end all the way at the front.

And I asked about that and was pretty much given the direction to shut up and do as I was told.

Fine with me. I can see the crash coming but if you don’t want to listen and avoid it then it’s on you and I’ve gone on record already in a forum where everyone can see.

Sure enough the following week the crash happened.

And of course my boss now was frantic and scrambling. When I received an email from him stating he could fix this in a very simple way I knew it to be false and of course the reason he could fix it was because he ignored all the things which actually has to happen and his shortcut addressed none of those issues.

Me, I simply pushed back. I had on my plate a pile of jobs that I was attempting to wrap up or get in some kind of logical place in case they needed to be handed off to others. Something in the neighborhood of 22 or 24 projects and these seven which would have been in a better place without interference and where I had spent much of my preceding day slapping together the way he directed me too were still not in the place they needed to be.

And, being the absolute dick of a person that I am when I replied to said email I cc’d the people on his original missive to me as well.

It landed with a thud.

Not on me but on him because I spelled out the events of the last week and pointedly explained that I had followed his direction even though I had raised concerns which he overruled. I also said that if he had a way to fix these things quickly and easily I’d be glad to be shown that way and do whatever I could to achieve our goals but that this was in fact not a problem of my making and in any event I was going to need help because I would not be able to turn around the work in the scant three hours given the other things on my plate at the time.

A little later, someone on the account team reached out to me and complimented me on the email and also said I was 100% right and that they would back me up.

Yeah, that’s me just making friends everywhere but you know, I’ve worked with people like this before and I refuse to be someone else’s fall guy. As it turned out those jobs were pushed over to someone else and they spent the entire day (missing that three hour window) to get the work completed and it’s all still a mess because now that actual jobs still have to be done, this was a ton of effort for a preliminary step and added far more work than it would have it we had simply moved forward the way I wanted to.

This is the kind of grief that still happens with work even though I’m working remotely. There was a period of time when I was getting a lot of grief about the amount of hours I was putting in and over the last few months there have been more than a few weeks where I’ve worked seven days and exceeded 70 hours for the week. Literally it’s a question of getting up at 5am or so, plopping down and putting in a twelve hour day.

The work has been getting done, my work has anyway. My jobs have come in and gone out with little fuss or muss as long as I am left to my own devices. In the meantime, they have added three more people onto the account and somehow that hasn’t fixed things the way they were thinking it would. If anything things have grown more complicated and there have been even bigger problems.

Those problems though? They’ve happened AWAY from me.

Better still is watching them trying to implement the things I keep telling them to do without giving me the authority to oversee it all and then it not working because they really don’t get it. Yep, that’s work... the fun just never stops.

Sep 28, 2020

So, want to tell me it’s raining while you piss on my leg?

All I know is if this is true people need to go to jail and this is just one example of the abuses that go on. Just another example if why voter ID is totally necessary.

Sep 27, 2020

Well, that was a stinker.

The other day I finally got around to watching the movie adaptation of The Goldfinch.

Someone had gifted me the book which is a story in itself regarding the person in question but I did finally get around to reading the thing and could not put it down. It’s a long book in terms of page count but it’s not filler. It’s highly entertaining.
I liked the book a lot and I have to say if you’re looking for something to read it’s well worth it. The book won a Pultizer Prize for fiction and if you read it after you finish you will understand why that was the case.
The movie though? P U.
The best way to describe the movie is insipid, it takes great source material and just removes the core of emotion from it leaving you with no affection for the characters at all. The movie is a big miss but go out and read the book because you won’t be disappointed!

Sep 26, 2020

Non-college-educated white voters

If you’re like me and you read a lot about politics and other things you’ve seen that phrase tossed around quite a bit in the last few years. It’s the Demographic pollsters love to focus on because it paints a picture for them.

The picture it paints for people is of a slob, someone who lives in a trailer or works a blue collar job. A person who is undoubtedly a racist and a gun owner. Face facts, it’s another way for some smug asshole to paint a picture of a clichéd redneck.

Now, you can say that’s not true but that’s the image you think of if you’re honest with yourself. Certainly if you watch Rachel Maddow or any of the MSNBC shills that’s what they want you to think. These are people in fly over country - they live in rural states and shop in Wal-Mart.

It’s another tool of a liberal narrative reinforcing a view of the nation.

Thing is... if we’re going to break down people this way, why aren’t we doing the same with the other racial groups in this country?

Why so I not see polling data that focuses on Non-college-educated black voters? I’d say the same about Non-college-educated Hispanic voters but the last time I checked, that’s not a racial group (even though the Left is trying very, very hard to change language to make it such - hence the an embrace in the lexicon of the Left).

It’s really another way to divide us... which brings me to something else.

I keep hearing how the current President is divisive but I’m trying to remember any time over the last three plus years when the Democrats of this country weren’t fighting him?

It’s just hilarious to watch the same people who say that the president is divisive to be as divisive as they can be and to break down the population of our country into nice little bite sized special interest groups. You won’t hear them admit to that though really because the fact that they actually do it just flies in the face of this kind of purported unity the Democrats want to tell us they are all for.

 It’s another lie, another example of Orwellian doublespeak.

Here’s an even better example... over the last week the headlines have screamed at us about how the President would undermine the smooth transition of power in our Democracy if he did not accept the results of the Election.

Funny, do you folks listen to the things you say?

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out,” Clinton warned.
Gosh, that sounds an awful lot like not insuring the smooth transition of power to me but I GET IT! A DEMOCRAT SAID IT SO IT MUST BE OKAY!

Better still, somehow statements like this don’t undermine out Democracy?

Biden has repeatedly stressed that he’s concerned Trump will interfere with the election to ensure his victory or will simply refuse to accept the election results, saying on The Daily Show in June that his “single greatest concern” is that “this president is going to try to steal this election.”

Biden said at a fundraiser Wednesday night that his campaign has “put together 600 lawyers” and a team of volunteers, who will “[go] into every single state to try to figure out whether chicanery is likely to take place.”

Funny, that sounds as if the people on the Democratic side aren’t prepared to accept it if they lose! Wow, do we need to worry that they’ll send their minions to riot in the streets, to burn down more cities like we’ve been seeing over the last couple of months?

Seems like that is very much the inference here.

You know, I was sitting with some people today and they were saying how a relative had put a Trump 2020 sign out in front of their house and they cautioned them because they were afraid by doing so and voicing their political opinions they would be subject to harassment or even worse, violence.

It’s not as if it hasn’t happened already and as if it hasn’t been happening all along since 2016 but let’s start calling out the brutish thuggery for what it is. The Democrats of today are the mob, they are the mob that wants to stomp out other voices and anyone who doesn}t agree with them and we’ve seen it again and again and again over the last few years.

People aren’t afraid about their beliefs, they’re afraid because they know the folks on the Left simply aren’t mature and can’t deal with anyone having a differing opinion. That‘s the reality of what’s happening in the nation today and if it’s divisive or we need to worry then the people on the Left need to start taking a good long look in the mirror at themselves.